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These central values drive our decision making and guide how we serve the stuttering community:

Listening: Everything we do is rooted in slow, patient, and empathetic listening. We know that when society can change the way it listens to people who stutter, everyone benefits.

Collaboration: We emphasize partnership and collective decision-making at every level of our organization. We lift each other up, foster opportunities to share resources, and work together as a community.

Advocacy: We are committed to platforming the voices and ideas of people who stutter to reduce stigma and increase stuttering representation. Driven by the power of artistic storytelling, we aim to represent and champion the rights of people who stutter

IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access): We prioritize both the voices of people who stutter and BIPOC folks in decision-making and leadership. We work to create an environment that reflects the diverse identities of our members. We recognize the unique barriers faced by communities that have been marginalized and work to provide equitable opportunities and access to all.

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