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SPACE to listen

SPACE to connect

SPACE to express

SPACE to stutter

We are a nonprofit organization working to create more space for stuttering and change the way the world listens.

Our Mission

SPACE creates a more inclusive and accessible world for people who stutter through arts, education and advocacy.

SPACE operates fully online and with a tiered pricing model to make sure all people who stutter have access to our programming, regardless of location, background or ability to pay. 

What do we do?

We facilitate professional listening workshops for businesses and schools to teach better listening for all, through the lens of stuttering.

We offer unique online community and arts programs for people who stutter ages 7-22

We carry out advocacy initiatives to reduce stigma and increase stuttering representation in media.

Why do we do it?

Right now, there is not enough SPACE for people who stutter.

1) People who stutter often face discrimination and stigma around the way they speak.

2) People who stutter frequently feel isolated and disconnected from their community 

3) Society is systemically impatient and struggles to listen to people who stutter in the way that they deserve.

Our solution to this?

A simple philosophy:

When we learn to listen to people who stutter in the way they deserve, we become better listeners in the rest of our lives, too.

When we practice patience, avoid interrupting, listen with empathy, and create SPACE in conversations, everybody benefits.

Our goal is to create as much SPACE as possible for people who stutter:  in conversations, in media, in communities, and in society.

What is stuttering?

Stuttering is a neurological communication disability affecting approximately 1% of the population, or 70 million people world wide. There is no cure for stuttering and most folks who stutter beyond the age of 10 will likely stutter for the rest of their lives.

But stuttering doesn't have to be a negative thing.

It is not a problem to be fixed.

It's just another way of talking.

People who stutter are just as smart, creative and eloquent as people who don’t. It just takes them a little longer to speak.

At SPACE, we are committed to creating the spaces that people who stutter deserve.

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