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Our first SPACE Arts and Community Program launches early April 2024!

8 week programs available for youth (ages 7-18) and young adults (ages 18-22) who stutter.

Click here to enroll!

SPACE Online Arts and Community Program

Why online? Online programming…

  • Broadens the community that people who stutter have access to 

  • Makes programming accessible to all

  • Allows everyone to engage and participate at their own level

Why arts? Arts environments…

  • Provide a supportive space to be creative and improve confidence

  • Offer opportunities to process and express feelings about stuttering

  • Support cognitive, emotional, and social development

Why community? A community approach…

  • Lets participants know that they are not alone in their experiences

  • Gives space to stutter openly without shame or stigma 

  • Creates opportunities for connection and socializing

Each week of our program, participants are given the opportunity to:

Have deep and meaningful conversations, process and express their feelings about stuttering, explore multiple art forms (storytelling, drawing, poetry, acting etc.), and create collaboratively in small groups.

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